The most important thing a woman can do for another, is to, illuminate her possibilities.” Adrienne Rich

If you have landed here, the chances are, you are investigating doulas, in Hampshire or Ayrshire.

Welcome: I’m Ali, and my whole philosophy is that you deserve your pregnancy, birth and postnatal periods, to be precious, protected and, most importantly, your way. I am based in Portsmouth and work within an hour of the city. As an Ayrshire, born and bred girl, I am also available to support in North, South and East Ayrshire. My privilege is to support you and your family through these times, in whatever way, you require.

Being a Red Tent Doula, my support ideology is completely woman centric, ensuring you are empowered and informed, to confidently choose the birth, and postnatal paths you desire.

As your doula, it is my, absolute privilege to be invited into your antenatal or postnatal time. I am available for:

  • antenatal support
  • birth doula
  • postnatal doula
  • aromatherapy in pregnancy and beyond
  • birth art
  • postnatal therapies
  • closing and binding

During my first pregnancy, I was naive to the world of birth, and continued to work as a Lead Practitioner Teacher, mostly ignoring that fact I was about to go through a massive change. I thought baby would just, ’fit in with my life,’ and I could continue to work 50+ hour weeks! My partner and I, find this hilarious now we have two mini whirlwinds!

Despite knowing my dates weren’t correct, from the EDD scan, I was coerced, terrified, into induction. My induction did not go smoothly, and after 2 days in a highly medicalised labour, I had an emergency c-section. 

After a spieght of postnatal depression and PTSD, I vowed that I would work to support women in feeling empowered and supported in their pregnancies, births and postnatal periods.

I had discovered that a healthy baby, is not all that matters but also, women are more powerful than anyone could possibly quantify. Basically, women are absolute rockstars!

As an active challenger of the inequality in women’s rights, since my late teens, I find the role of doula/supporter/listener, imperative, in our current society. I am on a mission to make sure all women are given their full goddess status.

Having been a teacher, I am making use of my pedagogical and local knowledge to construct antenatal, birth and postnatal support, specific to individual families, and the socio-economic status of our local areas. My goal is to facilitate women, partners, and families’ investigation of pregnancy, birth and postnatal, in a manner relevant to their own context. It all stemmed from a Frank Zappa quote, so that might give you an idea!

In addition to my doula packages, I am, also a qualified aromatherapist, massage therapist and reflexologist. I offer treatments for aromatherapy, during pregnancy and beyond, for you and you baby, and postnatal massage and reflexology. Mamas deserve all the care, after birth to ensure they are recovering well.

I would be absoutely priviledged to hear from you, if you think I am the right doula for you. Skip to my contacts page, and drop me a message or call. I look forward to supporting you during this magical time.



Red Tent Doula Preparation Course- Red Tent Doulas 

Breastfeeding Support- Wysewomen 

VBAC Supporter- The VBAC School

Affiliate- Align Your Baby

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond- Penny Price

Member- Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Closing the Bones- Sophie Messager

Rebozo- Sophie Messager

Dip. Aromatherapy, Dip. Reflexology and Dip. Massage- SNHS